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Landscape of the Mind

Landscape of the Mind (see Details below)
Collection of the Cuyahoga County Public Library, The Wickliffe Library, Wickliffe, OH
All panels are approximately 18" high

The subject of the glass divider wall is the union of the arts with the sciences. The work separates the children's area with the circulation desk. The goal was to appeal to both children and adults with colorful, playful imagery. The work is organized into the four elements, Earth, Fire, Air, and Water. Each panel symbolizes art and science. Fused and slumped glass with copper inclusions.

Landscape of the Mind Detail 1 - Air - Color Wheel

Detail 1 (Air - Color Wheel)

The color wheel is made up the colors that are used to separate like in a prism. The dark and light linear pattern represent the hand patterns of a Chopin Etude.

Landscape of the Mind Detail 2 - Water - W is for Whale

Detail 2 (Water - W is for Whale)

The installation was for the Wickliffe library, so the water spout created by the whale's blow hole begins to form part of the letter W.

Landscape of the Mind Detail 3 - Fire - Atom

Detail 3 (Fire - Atom)

A pattern of energy and a loosely drawn evocation of what is thought of as an atom.

Landscape of the Mind Detail 4 - Earth - Boogie Woogie Skull

Detail 4 (Earth - Boogie Woogie Skull)

The skull represents the skull in Hamlet ,and also in archeology. The grid is after Mondrian's Broadway Boogie Woogie, an attempt to lighten up the attitude of the skull and to be reminded of the grids of archeological digs.

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