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Blown Glass Smoke Series Mosaic Vases

Mosaic Vase

Handmade fused multicolor glass tiles rolled onto a hot bubble and blown into a vase. No two are alike. Approximately 8 inches high by 5 inches wide. $150.00

Exclusive purchase, only available through the artist's web site - please contact the artist.

PayPal coming soon.




Blown Glass  

Rene Culler creates color studies in her blown glass objects after having blown glass for over 20 years. She delights in recent work with compatible sheet glass colors that are first fused and then rolled-up using a traditional Muranese technique. The actual glass blowing takes place after much preparation in cutting the sheet glass, arranging it into a pattern, and fusing the pattern. The flat fused glass plate is inserted into the hot glory hole by the use of the pastorelli (a large steel flat ‘pitchfork,’) until it becomes plyable. The glass is rolled up onto a blow pipe and a cup or cups are made from the glass tube. After cooling and a surface cleaning, the cup is reheated in a kiln, then picked up onto the blow pipe. The end of the cup is sealed to form a bubble, and the design is manipulated by twisting to form the "smoke" pattern. The cup is gathered over with clear glass to be blown out into the selected form. Great care must be taken during the blowing process as the different colors employed within the design, react in their own way to the heat. Some colors are soft and expand greatly, while others are stiff and are reluctant to inflate. Upon cooling, the surface of the object is sandblasted and resin-waxed. There are no short cuts to create these special works in glass.

Rene Culler will offer a specially designed object or objects that will be exclusively available through web purchase only. Please check the website to see the new work which is available.

For more information on original one of a kind glass objects, please contact Rene Culler.

Rene Culler