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Wall Work

Wall Work

Rene Culler explores the painterly possibilities of the medium of glass by creating works for the wall. Work in this section fits into the context of Culler's interests in observed color and pattern studies of historical tile compositions and as described by the interactive "clicking" on the Cups design, located on the Home page.

A significant detail of wall work, is that the glass is carefully fired, so that it never completely melts. Culler's firings produce the appearance of a unified fused composition in conjunction with a subtle surface texture or topography. The glass may be fired once or several times, as sections of the design can be removed by cold-working, or glass details (such as "murrines," tiny complex patterns) may be added between firings.

Please see the "Magic Squares" series page for new explorations in fused encased glass paintings for the wall. Culler uses a high refractory paint she has developed within this work. Please see: "Lake Effects" (located on the Installations page under Commissions).

For more information on the development of new work, for the wall please contact Rene Culler.

Rene Culler