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Installations Commissioned Awards

Rene Culler has been commissioned to create site specific installations for a variety of public and private spaces located throughout the United States. All of the commissioned work is developed and produced after consultation with clients or with their representatives; designers and architects.

Under Installations please find work that varies in composition; size, and detail. Fired glass enamel, both low and high fire, provides imagery and a painterly aspect to the work when encased within the glass. Blown glass segments are sometimes incorporated within the fused glass design. While sizes up to 4 feet long can be accommodated, the use of multiples as in diptychs, triptychs or multi-part installations, may be designed to fill the wall.

Commissioned Awards have been produced using Rene Culler's sandblasting technique as in the annual award given by the Musical Art's Society of the Cleveland Orchestra. Text can be used within the glass as in collaborative work with Cleveland poet Katie Daley. Culler also uses her high fire refractory paint within fused glass to produce small individual paintings given as awards.

Rene Culler