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Design Career

Rene Culler is frequently commissioned to produce site specific works in glass. She interacts with clients, designers and architects to achieve work that is engaging to the viewer and rewarding for employees within hospitals, libraries and corporate offices through the United States. Please review the images in the Catalog, Commissions section.

Prior to this time, Culler worked in glass using a sandblasting method which she developed, having clients such as Gump's of San Francisco as well as many commissions. She has continued to produce the premier award given by the Musical Arts Society of the Cleveland Orchestra, the Distinguished Service Award, an annual event since 1995. Culler designed the award which incorporates the architectural motif of the lotus flower taken from details at Severance Hall, the orchestra's concert hall. A past recipient of the award was the Conductor and Musical Director, Christof von Dohnanyi. See Commissioned Awards.

Rene Culler