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Rene Culler's sculpture, "Hot Blooded" is currently on view in the Luce Center as part of the permanent collection of the Renwick Gallery of the American Museum of Art, the Smithsonian Institution, Washington D.C. The sculpture "Three of Cups" has been on view as part of the permanent collection of the Corning Museum of Glass. Her first major one-person exhibition opened at the Sculpture Center in March of 1995. She has exhibited her work in at S.O.F.A. Chicago in 1997-99 and has been exhibited widely in the United States. Culler had a long association with the Glass Gallery of Bethesda, Maryland. The sculpture "Eight of Cups" has been recently shown in 2008 at the Center for Contemporary Craft in Pittsburgh, PA and the Art Alliance in Philadelphia PA. Culler continues to exhibit in museums, galleries, and art centers, having solo shows at the Beck Center for the Arts, OH in 2007, and the Waterworks Museum, NC in 2005. Culler will participate in an invitational exhibition at FAVA in Oberlin, OH in 2009.

Rene Culler