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Conference Participation and Travel

Rene Culler was an invited presenter and demonstrator of her unique glass working methodology at the international Glass Art Society meeting held in Corning, New York at the Corning Museum of Glass, June, 2001. Her journal entry is included in the G.A.S. annual conference journal.

Past endeavors include her invitational presentation of a paper on her work and its inspiration, The Poetic Grail as Glass at the First Hispanic Historical Glass Conference held in Barcelona and Sitges, June/July 2000.

Culler received a Professional Development Grant and Travel Award through the Ohio Arts Council to attend the conference and research her area of interest, Medieval history and myth related to religion, alternative belief systems and glass blowing in Spain and Southwestern France.

The Ohio Arts Council has been very generous to Culler, she received Individual Artist's Fellowship Grants in 2005 and 1996 based on the merit of her work. She also received a Professional Development Award to attend a course at the Studio of the Corning Museum of Glass in 1998.

Travel has been important for the development of work; in 1996, Rene Culler used a traveling scholarship awarded by the Cleveland Institute of Art to travel in China. She toured Beijing and its historical highlights and then traveled to the south to Guilin where she encountered the mountainous landscape on the Li River.

Rene Culler has continued to travel, since 2003, in the areas of inspirational historical significance for her work: the Catalonia area and Granada (the Alhambra) in Spain and Occitania in France; including Toulouse and Foix. She has taught multiple times at the Glass Furnace in Istanbul, and has traveled extensively within that city and Turkey. Visits to Pergamum, Ephesus, Aphrodisias, Cappadocia and Konya provided rich information about ancient Greek and Roman sculpture, Islamic architecture, and ceramic tile.

Rene Culler