Rene Culler  
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Abstract Anthropomorphic Sculpture
Common Objects As Metaphor
The Importance of Process in the Work
My Methodology in Glass Sculpture
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My Methodology in Glass Sculpture

I blow from glass, simple vessel forms; bowls and cups. Driven by an idea, I use cold sculpting methods to alter the individual forms and surfaces of glass objects before the casting process is initiated. I seek to enhance the surface appearance and tactility. I attempt to engage the viewer to see and experience the completed objects with their sense of touch as well as with their sight when viewing the work. I create a composition with several objects "glued" together with wax. The composition is invested in a refractory mold and the glass is re-melted, or kiln-transformed, while additional glass is added. The wax melts away, glass fills the spaces vacated by the wax, and the forms are unified.

Rene Culler