Rene Culler  
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Abstract Anthropomorphic Sculpture
Common Objects As Metaphor
The Importance of Process in the Work
My Methodology in Glass Sculpture
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Abstract Anthropomorphic Sculpture

The "Grail Variations" celebrate humanity; the life journey, and the tenacity to continue and improve. The topic of the quest for the Grail is the primary inspiration. It is important to note that I do not attempt to "create the Grail". What interests me is the "journey, the search" for perfection which always incorporates creativity. My vertical forms can be seen as figurative in a loose sense. The human body is a container- the heart for emotion, the head for ideas. My work is a unity of the analytical and the spontaneous. I encourage the viewer to see beneath the layers of flesh, myth and history to reveal the purity of thought or feeling suggested by my metaphorical objects. The objects are psychological interpretations.

Rene Culler