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Abstract Anthropomorphic Sculpture
Common Objects As Metaphor
The Importance of Process in the Work
My Methodology in Glass Sculpture
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Common Objects As Metaphor

The "Grail Variation" sculptures began as a whimsy. I wanted to make an object that I considered absurd and appealing. I call these objects sculptures, because they are dimensional, and can serve no function, as by their composition- these often brightly colored stacks of cups and bowls have become rendered useless as functional objects. I am interested in the transformation of these common objects often employed for daily use, into metaphorical "maps" that describe a journey. This work is strongly rooted in Crafts, so I am happy to be a sculptor or a crafts person, the artist who actually fabricates the work. I insist on excellence in my work- the degree of craftsmanship and finish is important to the meaning of the sculpture.

Rene Culler