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Sources of Inspiration

The use of translucent and textural glass in this series is inspired by legend in contemporary but fin de si├Ęcle compositions. The "Grail Variation" series explores the idea, Was the Holy Grail Made From Glass? This question arises from the unlikely inspiration of the Irish poet, William Butler Yeats; and his union of the sensuous natural world with the search for spiritual development. Yeats was interested in ancient lore, and studied the mystical Tarot, its symbolism and its connection to history; both published and alluded to. In the Tarot, the suit of Cups or Hearts represents the mythology of the Grail, and connotes positive aspects of Goodness, Emotion and Spirituality.The mystery of the Grail legend, beautiful in its complexity yet archetypal quality, survives today in many countries and forms. I am especially interested in the reputed area of its medieval origin, Occitania, France and Catalonian, Spain, an oasis of understanding and tolerance where women had rights and respect. Glass making was an important endeavor in this region.

Rene Culler